Hogarth's "The Harlot's Progress" print set - $100 (SPOKANE)

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condition: good
This listing includes 2 sets of Hogarth prints made in 1857 and six other Hogarth engraved prints made variously from 1833 to 1850.
A complete set (six) of William Hogarth prints "The Harlot's Progress" engraved in Stuttgart Germany in 1857 from Hogarth originals. The paintings done by the English artist Hogarth were completed in 1731 when he was 34 years old but were destroyed in a fire in 1755. Fortunately, engravings from those original paintings had been made and served to make series editions since then. Hogarth lived 1697 to 1764 and was a painter, engraver, pictorial satirist, social critic, editorial cartoonist and occasional writer on art. "The Harlot's Progress" depicts the fate of a country girl who begins prostituting...the six scenes are chronological starting with a meeting with a woman running a brothel and ending with a funeral ceremony that follows the character's death from venereal disease.
This inaugural series was an immediate success and was followed in 1733-1735 by the sequel, "The Rake's Progress." That consisted of eight pictures depicting the reckless life of Tom Rakewell, the son of a rich merchant, who spends all his money on luxurious living, services from prostitutes, and gambling. My complete set of 8 prints were engraved in Stuttgart Germany in 1857.
A self-portrait of Hogarth with his dog "Trump" is preserved in First Quarto edition of 1833. A second print, also of 1833, is titled "Industry and Idleness" and subtitled as plate 1 "The Fellow Prentices at Their Looms." A third print from 1833 titled "Industry and Idleness" is subtitled as plate 12 "The Industrious Prentice Lord Mayor of London"...both of these produced in London by Jones & Co. Temple of the Muses. The fourth print is titled "John Wilkes Esq." from 1842, and the fifth is titled "Sancho Starved by His Physician" also 1842...both of these produced in London on Fleet Street by E.T. Brain & Co. The sixth and last individual print is dated 1850 and titled "The Bruiser, Charles Churchill, (once the reverend) In the Character of a Russian Hercules."All six of these individual prints have discolored border margins but the centered artwork itself is undamaged.
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