Pan Am Memorabilia - $175 (Spokane)

A potpourri of PAA/Pan Am items remaining of my father's 36 year career as Pan Am pilot and captain 1942-1978. Items vary from new/unused two large sew-on Pan Am round labels to two metal toy planes (747 and 727) each missing one of three landing gear wheels to PAA early 1950's travel bag well worn but still functioning zipper and carrying strap. The 8.5 X 11" color image is an artist's rendition of the historic 1957 flight by commercial airliner Pan American World Airways Boeing Stratocruiser landing at McMurdo Sound Antartica. The pilot was chief pilot of Pan-Alaska Division of PAA, Captain Ralph Savory who was also a personal friend. My father served as acting chief pilot sometimes when Ralph was away from home duty. The commemorative artist creation folds open like a menu with verbal description of artist and occasion on inside flap. The small rectangular box shown open in added photo is an unused Pan Am-monogramed dental kit (toothbrush and toothpaste). The larger monogramed rectangular box is empty, and I do not know what its original intended use was. It has small vent holes at each corner of bottom of box so perhaps it too was a dental kit. There are two pairs of sew-on Pan Am patches, the large round ones having never been used. Two Pan Am pens include an unusual one with strap for hanging it wherever for use. The PAA time selector was very handy for world travelers figuring local time versus distant destination time. On the back of that rotating device is a remarkable stat: every 2.5 minutes around the world a Pan Am Clipper lands or takes off. This was created in the pre-jet era of aviation travel. At that time Pan Am was serving 80 lands and countries on all six continents. A used passenger sleeping eye cover (Pan Am label sewn on back) is included. I've also added my father's flight record book and computer printout sheets. The flight record book covers March 1942 through May 1951 and includes a myriad of handwriten entires like flight origination and destination, flight hours logged, aircraft type, whether co-pilot or command/captain (he was captain as of 7/27/1943). The computer printout sheets cover his 747 career time from January 1971 to retirement March 1978 and include similar entries to the flight record book above. Dad also wrote in pencil his accumulated career air time a few places on some sheets. The final March 1978 sheet includes his entry...31,015 total hours of air time over 36 years. That amounts to 3.5 years of 24 hour days airborne as commercial airline pilot. There is no tally of landing and takeoff but it must run more than 10,000 total.
Terms are cash at time of item pickup.

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