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Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer NSF Rated Restaurant Equipment - $1,928


condition: new
delivery available
make / manufacturer: Atosa USA
model name / number: NSF RATED
size / dimensions: 82.2(h) x Varies(w) x 31.5(d)

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Stainless Steel Reach-In Commercial Cooler Refrigerator and Freezer with Bottom Mount Compressors.



CALL OR TEXT SEAN 206-419-5801

Si tiene alguna pregunta por favor comuníquese con Víctor Vera llamando o mandando un mensaje de texto al teléfono 253-304-7472.

Restaurant Equipment Financing Available

Why Finance Restaurant Equipment? Small and medium sized restaurant business owners face the constant challenge of managing cash flow while investing in improvements to operations. Today’s successful restaurants are able to acquire new equipment to keep their businesses competitive while preserving working capital. Our banking partnership offers multiple funding sources that provide restaurant owners with flexible financing solutions to acquire the equipment they need without an up-front cash investment.

Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator Bottom Mount Compressor
1 Door MBF8505 $1928 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 27(w) x 31.5(d)
2 Door MBF8507 $2686 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 54.4(w) x 31.5(d)
3 Door MBF8508 $4206 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 81.9(w) x 31.5(d)

Solid Door Reach-In Freezer Bottom Mount Compressor
1 Door MBF8501 $2337 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 27(w) x 31.5(d)
2 Door MBF8503 $3444 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 54.4(w) x 31.5(d)
3 Door MBF8504 $4963 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 81.9(w) x 31.5(d)

The units are locally sourced, in-stock and ready for FREE FREIGHT with next day delivery from the Atosa warehouse. Please note that there might be a extra day delivery with the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We have the forklift to load you up. You just need to bring straps to secure the load.

The unit is instock, available in natural gas and propane for your food truck.

All restaurant equipment is ready for next day delivery.

You will need to cut and paste the URL into your web browser if you want to explore my selection of Freezers and Refrigerators.

The units are locally sourced, in-stock and ready for next day delivery.

Why should you purchase a bottom mount compressor over a top mount compressor?

The bottom mount refrigerator/freezer condenser operates near the floor, where temperatures are cooler perhaps as much as 15 degrees cooler than at the top of the commercial refrigerator. With no ladders or supports required, servicing and cleaning the compressor is easier. Main operating components of your commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer are away from rising grease-laden steam that can gum up the compressor, making it less efficient and requiring more maintenance. With the condenser elevating the bottom of the commercial cooler's interior, the user doesn't have to stoop to access items stored there.

I really like the Atosa USA next generation of restaurant equipment. The commercial restaurant equipment stainless steel fridge and stainless steel freezers feature a combination of distinctive American styling and sturdy construction for day-to-day use. Priced right, the units are loaded with features to accent your restaurant or kitchen.

You can also save up to $350 per unit, as most qualify for a Energy Star Rebate

For example California Public Utilities offer a $350 Energy Star Rebate on the following:

Atosa USA MBF8003 Upright Three Door Freezer
Atosa USA MBF8504 Bottom Mount Compressor Three-Door Freezer

Here are a few other units that will qualify you for a rebate:

Atosa Reach-in Freezers: $160 Rebate (MBF8503)
Atosa Reach-in Refrigerators: $85 Rebate (MBF8005 and MBF8507)
Atosa One Door Top Mount Reach-in Refrigerator and Atosa One Door Bottom Mount Compressor: $60 Rebate (MBF8004 and MBF8505)
Atosa Undercounter Three Door Refrigerator: $60 Rebate (MGF8404)
Atosa Undercounter One Door Refrigerator: $45 Rebate (MGF8401)

Please contact your local your public utilities regarding their rebate offering.

Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator Bottom Mount Compressor
1 Door MBF8505 $1928 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 27(w) x 31.5(d)
2 Door MBF8507 $2686 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 54.4(w) x 31.5(d)
3 Door MBF8508 $4206 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 81.9(w) x 31.5(d)

Solid Door Reach-In Freezer Bottom Mount Compressor
1 Door MBF8501 $2337 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 27(w) x 31.5(d)
2 Door MBF8503 $3444 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 54.4(w) x 31.5(d)
3 Door MBF8504 $4963 Dimension: 82.2(h) x 81.9(w) x 31.5(d)

Reach-Top Mount Series Features:
  • Exterior and Interior Stainless Steel
  • Dixell Digital Temperature Control System
  • Self-Closing and Stay Open Door
  • 2 Year Labor and Parts Warranty
  • Round Corner Design
  • Pre-Installed Castors and Shelves
  • Efficient Refrigeration System
  • 5 Year Compressor Warranty
I have enjoyed meeting and working with independent restaurants and chef's over the past couple years. I do hope that I can continue this with my new offering of products. Whether you are opening a new restaurant or simply replacing old equipment, I might have the perfect piece of equipment to lower your restaurants costs of doing business.

New Restaurant Equipment

With such a huge list of benefits in being a new unit, why would you risk your hard-earned business resources on a used unit with no warranty that may or may not pass a board of health inspection?

Buying a used restaurant equipment can be somewhat a risky.

There always seems to be a glut of used restaurant equipment for sale online, and for the budget minded restaurateur, the lure of almost new looking piece of restaurant equipment can be tempting. Usually the used equipment is sold "as is," with no warranty or possibility of a refund if it breaks down or needs repairs days after your purchase.

You never know when an older model is due for a major overhaul or has been removed from NSF approval status of the National Sanitation Foundation.

Refrigerators, Freezers, Sandwich Prep Tables, and Pizza Prep Tables operate in a commercial kitchen atmosphere laden with grease and smoke. Most commercial refrigerators and freezers are placed near a deep fat fryer or other equipment that exudes a high volume of grease that can exact a beating on the breathing system of commercial refrigerators/freezers. A clean or pristine under counter refrigerator might look nice, but the compressor might be at the end of its life cycle because the unit did not have had proper ventilation around the unit.

Other issues include electrically operated equipment with tons of dials, switches and buttons. Replacing a compressor on a used unit can run you $500 plus dollars before any labor costs. New shelving generally runs $50 each and replacing a gasket can cost you another $50. In the end you don't wind up with anything equivalent to a new machine.

The Refrigerators/Freezers that I offer come with a two year parts and labor warranty. Plus you get a Five year compressor warranty.

Atosa is dedicated to designing and professional grade stainless steel restaurant equipment. Tasteful and elegant for any kitchen. Ergonomic designed to complement your kitchen. The Traditional American inspired designed recessed door handles, rounded door edge, and the rounded interior corner are constructed for day-to-day use. The refrigeration systems matched and balanced oversized, high efficient compressor use of advanced technologies and components creates an environmentally friendly refrigeration system with shorter run times, lower energy consumption, and the coldest holding temperatures.

The Energy Star Rated is a ozone-friendly and climate-friendly refrigerator/freezer using CFC-Free refrigerants. Each unit is manufactured using a combination of high quality metals and international advanced technologies and components designed to optimize the units performance.

Stainless steel exterior and interior with a galvanized steel back. Maximized and convenient storage capacity. A high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation for the entire cabinet structure and solid door. Providing un-parallel strength and rigidity.

Each refrigerator has a 100% run test before releasing the unit to the customer. Prior to shipping, all Refrigeration units must pass an intense series of tests for a minimum run time of 24 hours. These tests include computer refrigerant charging and vacuum leak decay checks, helium leak detection, vibration noise level, visual examination and a temperature analysis.

Intertek ETL Listed and NSF compliant to North American product safety standards and required sanitation standards. All the electronic parts are CE certified.

I offer free freight with lift gate to your restaurant.

Are you a busy restaurateur with not a lot of time? I am more than happy to answer your emails, phone calls, or texts morning, noon or night.

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