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Sale on MVP Group Products IKON Refrigeration, Sierra Range cooking equipment, Primo mixers and meat slicers, AXIS high end mixers, slicers, JET TECH dishwashers, KOOL-IT Refrigeration, Hydra-Kool display refrigeration meat cases grab and go. FREE SHIPPING to Commercial address no charge for lift gate, additional $75 for non-commercial delivery. Look I want to be your equipment dealer CALL ME and lets make a GREAT deal for you!

Hi that’s me GENE SHOOK next to a LARGE TRUCK of RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT coming in I carry a HUGE STOCK and have trucks arriving all the time CALL ME at 310 292-1182 (this is my cell) FOR YOUR BEST ADVICE on restaurant equipment.

At MVP Group you are always guaranteed superior product quality and an unrivalled service network infrastructure that offers our clients 24-hour service, 7 days a week. Our clients can also expect extra value by providing them with several warehouses and inventory centers around North America which translates to excellent and quick accessibility to parts and service.
MVP Group is dedicated to being a leader in the food service industry while maintaining the highest level of customer service. MVP Group’s products can be found in every facet of the food service industry, hotels, restaurant, schools, government institutions, churches, pubs and golf courses. Our products are currently being used in Subway restaurants worldwide, Burger King, as well as Marriott and Best Western Hotels to name a few.

I sell A LOT OF RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT across the USA. Many Customers enjoy the quick Service, Value, Advise, Responsive and FAST SHIPPING. I have sold multi-Millions of dollars of Restaurant Equipment. I know restaurant equipment very well. I understand, when I know what items you are cooking and the size and style of your operation, what the best equipment for you will be. I understand the health department rules. I believe in excellent customer service and not to look at a single sale but instead to many sales and referrals over the long run. I understand business and want to be YOUR restaurant equipment supplier for a long time not just a single sale.

CALL SO I CAN HELP YOU with what are the best ITEMS for YOU 310 292-1182

TIPS: 1 spend your hard earned money wisely; 2 buy from reputable dealers you can trust and that know the products; 3 Be careful looking at used many are way over priced and more trouble than what they are worth (you can always text me info and I can advise if good deal or not); 4 do not waste money fixing an old worn out item; 5 buy from a dealer that knows the products you need well and can advise you on what is best for you; 6 buy a brand that has a GOOD warranty for your type of use and that covers both parts and labor; 7 Call Me, Text me, Email me and get good advice.

1. IKON REFRIGERATION is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial refrigeration and display equipment. IKON supplies the best products at the best price with the best service possible 2-year parts and labor, 5-year compressor warranty. Units are stainless steel inside and out, glass door models are stainless steel with glass doors I like IKON it delivers a great product for the price and warranty they have.
Refrigerators Solid Door Stainless 1 Door IB27R $1,619, 2 Door $2,337, 3 Door $3,305
Freezer Solid Stainless 1 Door IB27F $1,908, 2 Door $2,660, 3 Door $3,879
Refrigerators Glass door Stainless 1 Door IB27RG $1,749, 2 Door $2,535
Freezer Glass door Stainless 1 Door IB27FG $2,371, 2 Door $3,493
Sandwich Prep Regular 29” ISP29 $1253, 48” $1720, 61” $1,884, 72” $2,207
Sandwich Prep Mega (more pans) 29” ISP29M $1,359, 48” $1,884, 61” $2,106, 72” $2,380
Pizza Prep 47” IPP47 $2,019, 71” $2,689, 94” $3,710
Chef Base 50” ICBR-50 $1,807, 62” $1,990, 74” $2660
Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers 28”, 48”, 61”, 72”
Back Bar Refrigerators Glass Door both swing and slide 49” $1812, 61” $2106, 73” $2429
Bottle Coolers and Glass Chillers also

2. SIERRA RANGE For over 50 years, MVP Group has provided the foodservice industry with simple, trouble-free performance, exceptional value to quality products. In even the most demanding kitchen environments, you can depend on Sierra Range for another durable and efficient range of products that will deliver the superior results that your operation needs to succeed. 1-year parts and labor warranty. All units come natural gas with easy conversion kit for propane included. Look most burners are 25,000 BTU they use 30,000 BTU (cooks faster when needed) this is a great line with great performance for your kitchen.
24” 4 Burner Range with Oven $1382, 36” 6 burn $1457, 60” 10 burn 2 ovens $3190 also have griddle and burner combo units
Fryer 35/40 $699, 40/50 $890, 75/80 $1131
Griddles 12” $533, 24” 789, 36” $1020, 48” $1397
Griddles Thermostat with 1” plate 24” $1085, 36” $1558, 48” $1874, 60” $2386
Radiant Char grills 12” $558, 24” $844, 36” $1156, 48” $1528
Hot Plates 2, 4 and 6, Salamanders and more
VOLARE Rotating pizza oven WOW! cooks 160 of 12” pies per hour seriously this is what I would have making pizza in pizza place $25,794
Gas convection oven SRCO 1 Deck $2713, 2 Deck $5260
Electric convection oven 1 deck $2592, 2 deck $5054

3. PRIMO slicers and mixers offer a perfect solution for food service needs by blending quality, service and cost effectiveness. Our slicers are easy to operate with a reliable belt drive design and our mixers are built with a gear driven system to deliver optimal results. Look a great line at affordable price
Mixers 7 quart $503, 10 qrt $706, 20 $957, 30 $1777
Mixers Spiral 44 pounds $4653, 55 lbs. 6206, 82 $7092, 110 $8045, 165 $10,975
Meat Slicers 10” $437, 12” $700, 12” heavy duty $975
Food Processor comes with 5 blades PVC-500 $759

4. AXIS Created with the intention of establishing a pioneer movement in the time-honored food service industry, Axis Equipment Co. has launched its stellar product line, based on the simple principles of superior quality and excellent service. AXIS is more money than Primo line but built to very high standards and less than ½ of what comparable products are of this quality and workmanship. VERY HIGH END at 1/2 what they compare too.
Mixers 7 quart $1043, 12 $1495, 20 $2175, 30 $3750, 40 $5192, 60 1ph 220 v $9275, 80 3ph $12,578
Meat Slicers 9” $743, 10” $800, 12” $986, 14” $2218, 13” gear $3313, 14” belt $2218, auto belt 12” $3984, auto gear $5654, VOLANO Red Slicer 12” $3693
Meat Grinders #12 hub $638, #22 $905
Vertical gas Broiler 3 burner $1476, 4 burner $1680
Pasta Cooker single $3260, double $5892
Countertop Convection ovens electric $882 to $2270 depending on size
Proofer 8 of ½ sheet $1109, 8 of full sheet $1690
Combi Oven 6 full pan $5602, 10 full pan $7910

4. JET TECH DISHWASHERS Jet-Tech manufactures this industry's most complete and energy-efficient product range of 'niche' ware-washing equipment for the professional who strives for absolute perfection, quality and value.
Rotary glass bar washer $5278
Countertop $2340
Under Counter cup and glass high temp $3065, under low temp $3761
Under high temp low water use EV18 $2606
Full height $5101, Full Tall pan washer $10,408

5. KOOL-IT is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial refrigeration and display equipment. Kool-It supplies the best products at the best price with the best service possible. 3-year parts and labor, 5-year compressor warranty on most items some display models are 2 year on parts and labor. Excellent displays and a great product and warranty for the price.
Refrigerators Solid Door Stainless 1 Door KBSR-1 $2,139, 2 Door $2,876, 3 Door $4,300
Freezer Solid Stainless 1 Door KBSF-1 $2,419, 2 Door $2,876, 3 Door $5,127
Refrigerators Glass door Stainless 1 Door $2,550, 2 Door $3,748
Sandwich Prep Regular 27” KST-27-1 $1569, 36” $1895, 48” $2170, 60” $2451, 72” $2,821
Sandwich Prep Mega (more pans) 27” $1,628, 36” $2021, 48” $2252, 60” $2,681, 72” $3161
Pizza Prep 44” KPT-44-1 $2523, 67” $3585, 93” $5046
Chef Base 53” $3066, 60” $3314, 74” $4494, 83” $4666, 96” $5335
Merchandiser Refrigerator 7 cubic ft $914, 13 $1194, 23 $1687, 36 $2085, 42 $2270, 50 $2469, 75 (3 door) $3789
Merchandiser Freezer 23 cubic ft $3156, 48 $3816, 72 3 door $5136,
Flat glass display refrigerator glass front sides and top very nice display they are 27” deep and 48” high 36” KBF-36 $4182, 48” $4535, 60” $4829, 72” $5367
Flat glass displays DRY CASE glass front sides and top Matches case above they are 27” deep and 48” high 36” KBF-36D $1899, 48” $2256, 60” $2609, 72” $2912
Grab and Go 36” $3152, 48” 4815

6. HYDRA-KOOL is a premier manufacturer of food merchandisers for any Retail or C-Store application. Combining cutting-edge engineering, innovative technology and best overall value in our industry, we offer solutions through an exceptional range of refrigerated display deli and bakery cases in the new flat glass or traditional curved glass design. Hydra-Kool can also supply your operation with open merchandising grab 'n go alternatives to maximize your profits. these are very high end units at a very reasonable price GREAT ITEMS.
Fresh Meat curved glass case self-contained 40” KFM-CG-40-S $5728, 50” $6244, 60” $6628, 80” $7998, 100” $8848, 120” $9874
Fresh Meat flat glass case self-contained 40” KFM-FG-40-S $5733, 50” $6248, 60” $6628, 80” $7998, 100” $8852, 120” $9874
Fresh Seafood curved glass case self-contained 40” KFM-SC-40-S $6868, 50” $7501, 60” $7962, 80” $9594, 100” $10,615, 120” $11,859
Deli Case curved glass case self-contained 60” KPM-CG-60-S $7062, 80” $7858, 100” $8215
MANY other great display items from HYDRA-KOOL

7. We want to be your restaurant equipment provider for 2019 CALL US.

Why buy restaurant equipment from Shooksales, GENE SHOOK RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT, when many sell similar products? I know restaurant equipment very well. I understand, when I know what items you are cooking and the size and style of your operation, what the best equipment for you will be. I understand the health department rules. I believe in excellent customer service and not to look at a single sale but instead to many sales and referrals over the long run. I understand business and want to be YOUR restaurant equipment supplier for a long time not just a single sale.
OK I will probably get arguments for this but how to cook a thick prime steak, 1st just use some salt and pepper fresh ground, take an iron skillet super hot and sear it on both sides with a little oil for just 30 seconds or so, 2nd use a high end steak broiler that is at least 1500 degrees (I love Montague for this) (these are very expensive but great) under cook a little serve on hot plate. if you don't have high end steak broiler sear as above then cook on hottest part of char grill for a few minutes per side, let rest a few minutes and repeat several times (this called long cook) takes longer but does what an expensive steak broiler does (almost). 3rd cook it French style with very hot iron skillet with mixture of oil and some butter turn and baste many times works great just will not have any hair on your wrist and a few burns. Look call me and I can help you with what will work best for your menu.

My cell is 310 292-1182 call and I can give you the final sale price with delivery. Customers consistently tell me they were quoted for used items more than I am selling a new one for. Many times, a new one is cheaper than the repair cost of your old unit.
I SHIP From multiple Warehouses Across USA A Typical delivery averages about 2 to 3 business days.

I am one of the largest sellers of MANY BRANDS in the USA. I know refrigeration and cooking equipment extensively. I will help guide you to the proper piece of equipment you truly need. I have talked a number of customers out of buying some items because it was not right for them. When you share with me information about your business, I can guide you to the right, precise size and proper piece of equipment you will need. I am knowledgeable about many types of equipment manufacturers and understand the pros and cons of different units.

It is always nice to save money, but what about good, used equipment? Many refrigerators will last up to 20 years, but I consider the actual lifespan to be about 10 years. If a unit is 10 to 15 years old, there is no real value for the unit even if it is working today. If it is 8 years old, you may get some use out of it. It is common that a customer will tell me they found a 2-year-old 2 door freezer for $2000. When I look up the serial numbers it may be 15 plus years' old I find it not to be working properly and really no value (if seller does not know age beware, you can always call manufacture with serial number and they will tell you how old unit is or call or text me). On working correctly, they say it cools down, but working and working correctly can be a BIG difference. For a freezer, it must reach 0 degrees to negative 10 degrees, on refrigerator it must be between 33 degrees and 40 degrees. So, a freezer at 10 degrees and refrigerator at 45 degrees are working but will not pass a health inspection. When you buy used, they usually don't have a warranty, you have to arrange transport. If it is only a couple years old and it is super cheap you can consider it, but please do not pay a lot for an old unit that may be full of headaches. Many times, I am able to sell a NEW unit at a similar price to what others will sell used AND it has full warranty.

Reply with your name and address and contact info with list of items you need and I can provide you with written estimate right away. When replying also give your email address as Craigslist hides actual email.

For those that have read this long add PLEASE call me at 310-292-1182 and I will earn your business, and if you like what I do please review us on Yelp or Google and like us on Facebook (SHOOKSALES), and if you don’t like what I do PLEASE review us on Yelp or Google, I only ask for honesty in reviews.
Gene Shook

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