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make / manufacturer: Wood's Hay & Grain
Freshly ground right here at our facility we offer a complete nutritional feed that has everything you need to grow and finish out your beef cattle.
Using locally grown, whole grains we work with nutritionists to formulate a variety of different grain mixes and fortify them with species specific mineral premixes to produce complete commercial feeds.
*All feeds are registered with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.
We offer 3 lines of our Beef Feeds:

(14% crude protein)

SHOW STEER w/molasses
(14% Protein)

(15% Protein)

If you're looking for 1 Ton, but can only handle the 1000# totes, we can split it into two 1000# totes for $30.
For more information, please visit us at www.woodshayandgrain.com, or call show contact info to place an order and schedule pickup. **We ask for at least 2 Business days notice as orders are milled to order not stocked ahead!

** If you are interested in the 50lb bags, no order is required; you may come by our feed store during our business hours Monday - Friday: 8 - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 8-2:00 pm

We are located 5 miles north of North 40 (in Sandpoint), on highway 95 heading towards Bonners Ferry, on the right side just shy of mile marker 481. Long driveway through a field.

Thank you,
Wood's Hay & Grain
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***Also available at our facility***

Rabbit Feed * Free Range Layer * Mega Layer * Poultry Grower * Hog Grower * Beef Grower * Dairy Feed * All Stock * Sweet Feed *Sheep Feed * Game Bird * Scratch * Horse* Alfalfa Pellets *Pea Pellets* Flax Meal * Black Oil Sunflower Seeds * Dry COB

Locally grown and farmer owned, Wood's Hay and Grain is where you can find the grain you need to care for your livestock. We are certified by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and have Non-GMO: Barley, Wheat, Peas and Oats for sale, and we now also use certified Non-GMO Soybean Meal in any of our recipes that use soy as a protein source!

Our grains are grown and milled here in Bonner County. We sell each grain in one ton super sacks or 1000 lb. tote bags, and in 50 lb. bags as well through our feed store!

Below is our complete list of feed products:

Rabbit Pellets (18% Crude Protein)
Rabbit Pellets (17% Crude Protein)

Non-GMO Barley (10% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Ground Barley (10% Crude Protein)

Non-GMO Wheat (10% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Ground Wheat (10% Crude Protein)

Non-GMO Peas (22% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Ground Peas (22% Crude Protein)

Non-GMO Oats (10% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Ground Oats (10% Crude Protein)

Corn (8% Crude Protein)
Ground Corn (8% Crude Protein)

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (15% Crude Protein)

Alfalfa Pellets (17% Crude Protein)
Alfalfa Timothy Pellets (10% Crude Protein)
Timothy Pellets (8% Crude Protein)
Orchard Grass Pellets (10% Crude Protein)
Beet Pulp Pellets (6 % Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Pea Pellets: (14% Crude Protein)

Wood’s Swine Starter: (18% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Swine Grower/Finisher (14% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Swine Grower/Finisher Pellets (17.5% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Swine Maintenance: (13% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Show Hog Grower (19% Crude Protein and 1% Lysine)

Non-GMO Chick Starter (22% CP) (non-medicated)
Non-GMO Poultry Grower (18% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Free Range Layers (13% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Mega Layer (17% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Mega Layer Crumbles (17% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Mega Layer Pellets (17% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Game Bird (24% Crude Protein)

Non-GMO All Stock (no minerals) (14% Crude Protein)
Non-GMO Sweet Feed (no minerals) (12% Crude Protein)
Dry COB (Corn, Oats, Barley, no minerals) (8% Crude Protein)

Non-GMO Beef grower/ finisher (14% Crude Protein)
Show Steer w/molasses (14% Crude Protein)
Complete Steer Grower/Finisher Mash (15% Crude Protein)
(your beef feed can't get better than this!)

Non-GMO Dairy Feed w/molasses: (16% Crude Protein)

Mare, Foal, Senior Horse: (15% Crude Protein)
Working Horse: (11% Crude Protein, sold by the ton only)

Show Lamb: (18% Crude Protein)

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