Swiss Cheese Monstera plant - $450 (SPOKANE VALLEY)

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condition: new
We are selling 1 Monstera For 450 obo per plant its a beautiful indoor plant Call Spokane organics and hydroponic supply at show contact info ask for Jeff for more info
This one is Fruiting at this time Monstera has 2 fruits

Here Is Some Info About A Monstera

With large, glossy green, perforated and unusually segmented leaves, the monstera climbing plant will create a jungle of lush foliage in your home or garden.
What you need to know about monstera
Name: Swiss cheese plant, fruit salad plant, Mexican breadfruit, split leaf philodendron, Monstera deliciosa, Swiss cheese vine

Height: can reach between 10–20m high with adequate support

Foliage: juvenile foliage is smaller, and entire, adult foliage is larger and perforated.

Climate: prefers a warm-temperate, tropical or mild growing environment outdoors, but will easily adapt to most indoor conditions.

Soil: a premium potting mix should always be used indoors. A moist, humus-rich but well-drained soil is preferred outdoors.

Position: a partially shaded position under trees outside, or in bright indirect light indoors.

Flowering and fruiting: cream flowers are produced on mature plants only in warmer climates, and these ripen over 12 months to produce sweet-smelling cones of edible fruit.

Feeding: use a controlled-release fertiliser in spring and a water-soluble fertiliser every month from spring to late summer.

Watering: keep moist during summer but allow the potting mix or soil to dry out between waterings.

Appearance and characteristics of monstera
Monstera is a substantial climbing evergreen tropical plant that naturally scales large trees by attaching itself with long aerial roots. With majestic glossy, perforated and segmented leaves, the adult leaves grow up to 90cm in length from thick green stems. Juvenile leaves are smaller, with entire margins and no holes or perforations. Monstera can reach up to 20m in height in its natural habitat, but is more often seen growing indoors as a potted plant, where it will growing to around 4–5m tall and 2–3m wide.

Monstera is naturally found in the tropical Central and South American regions, from southern Mexico to Panama, along with the islands of the West Indies. Usually growing as an understorey plant in rainforests, monstera attaches itself to trees by aerial roots as it scrambles through the canopy. The spathes of cream flowers are only produced in warm or tropical climates on mature plants, and these take around a year to ripen and develop into cones of sweet-smelling edible fruit up to 25cm long.

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