Sassy mare looking for new home

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Here at Last Chance Rescue & Rehab we value the Spirit of the horse we focus on partnering not "breaking horses". With that being said Samirah is a horse that came to me as very misunderstood by an owner who saw potential but just didn't need another horse.
She came with a bit of a label of "untrainable" by a trainer. Challenge accepted because I Like my problem children 🤦🤣.
Samirah has taught me a Lot about herself in the time I've had her in my care! She does have a fail safe of attempting to be intimidating if she starts feeling overwhelmed which is being worked with & she's making progress. She is a Very willing participant, she just lacks confidence with a human in her saddle 👍

She's a short, stocky, animated copper beauty!
Stands estimated from comparison at 14'1-14'3
Should be between 6-7

She is SO good at So many things!!

• She's actually pretty darn easy to catch
• Pickup all feet & good for the farrier
• Loves being groomed
• Easy keeper
• She doesn't mind & stands to be fly sprayed or powdered
• Mindful of feet placement!
• She stays With you when working, not easily distracted
• Took balance training system with butt strap
• Line drives great! Possibly a cart puller 🤔
• Helicopter whip & "snakes at the feet"
• Stands tied
• Stands to be mounted
• Saddles up great
• Either side mount!!!!
• Responds to thigh squeeze to move out
• Responds well to kiss for speed
• Great with dogs, their chaos, & their zoomies!
• Tarps! Stands on, walks over, & wears!
• Training flags & telescoping tools are toys apparently 🤦🤣
• Sends out over obstacles & short jumps
• Hugs nice & tightly around barrels & poles possibly gaming family?
• Not a super fan of water being sprayed at her for a bath but doesn't act like a Complete idiot & cares less about a hose
• Does great with my teenagers even the one with very little experience

We had an escape incident, she ended up hopping a fence into a pasture with cows & she showed an instant natural cow cutting ability. Maybe a cutting horse?

Some things I have not yet tried with her

• Big flags for like drill type
• Ponied
• Gun fire
• Trailering- She did come off of one to me & appeared to have traveled well

Being offered for rehoming & there is a price tag on her!!
This little gal just wants to be loved & have a job!
She does get sassy with herd mates, I nicknamed her Miss Sassy pants! Asking twenty five hundred

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