Rehoming two Great Danes, separate or together (Spokane)

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I'm heartbroken writing this but we are needing to rehome our two amazing doggos, their names are Jackson and Manny. My outdoor allergies are just getting worse and worse every year and I can't even touch my doggos without breaking out in hives right away and my daughter has started developing allergies as well. Jackson is two years old and the biggest cuddle bug you will ever know. He is the biggest sweetheart. He even hugs you back by wrapping his leg around yours. Manny is almost one and he is Jackson's baby. Manny is energetic and a big sweetheart as well. I will say with Manny he will need to go to someone with a tall fence or someone with some property. He's an escape artist by jumping over fences he just likes to explore. He always comes when he's called though. Both Manny and Jackson have been raised around kids so their temper is absolutely amazing with kids, no growling or snapping ever at anyone. The only thing is they are still very young and don't realize their size so when they get energetic I try to keep my kids away so they don't unintentionally get hurt. They are Danes so they eat a lot and need good quality food. They are such amazing doggos and I am so sad to have to rehome these guys they are the absolute best. Asking a rehoming fee of $150 for Jackson and $100 for Manny. Please let me know if you have any questions ❤️ Manny is the doggo on the very left of the photo with the three doggos

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