Re re post bs (SPOKANE VALLEY)

Well you know it's funny you brought up Las Vegas.

You probably think the shooting there was the guy they blamed.

It was a false flag. There was a shooting, but it is not what they told you.

Funny thing, the people who disagreed with the lone shooter, they mostly had car accidents.

But I do not WANT ANYONE believing me. You can't do it anyway.

So here it is in a nutshell. Most of you here only believe what the news tells you. Side note, one response said, you said the news lies to us and then you turn around and use them as a source.
That is spot on. Do you not know that the greatest lies start with a grain of truth? I am able to find the truth and then see the bs added on to fit the narrative. Side note 2, Obama brought in the narrative phrase.

So as a challenge to any of you NOT afraid of the truth, find out for yourself. Dont take my word, don't take the medias word.

We are in the great awakening or we are gonna do a global reset, which means we are either gonna stay free or all become slaves to the nwo.

How anyone can disagree about the nwo is beyond me.

Start here, Wef, Bilderbergs, Rothschild, Soros, UN.

Look at all the Charters they put together. You will read that it is for them, not for us.

We are all sheep, some of us just don't know their master.

Good day.

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