Housing wanted (Bonner County Sandpoint, Id.)



Does anyone out there need a creative hand with their projects that would trade part "Labor" for a small house… or? Importantly, I need a place to set-up a darkroom for Black and White Photography (more on this below). Getting real creative, assuming the legal eagles know of a methodology, I could come up with a small down payment, make you my heir, and being a Senior, after my passing in ?? years, the property would become yours again… huh?

While I currently live in North Idaho, you may be reading this in some other location as I'm posting in other states as I need/want a cool climate. So if you're in a coastal city, thats' ideal; or the eastern slope of a mountain, and good air conditioning too. Moreover, I'll give you list (deeper in the text) of some of my capabilities, attributes, and deficits, to give you an idea of who I am and why I find myself in this predicament, so to speak.

Fundamentally, though, being an adopted War Orphan by a couple who could not conceive. I’ve had no family and shying away from aunts and uncles etc. as a ‘bastard,’ as those times’ had different moral values and never knowing where I stood… I yet can’t describe those feelings; and never marrying after a wife that slept around so much that…. And, curiously, my Dad was a Milkman, so we lived in a modest two bedroom stucco house, but walking home from school (3 blocks from home) I would pass a Frank Lloyd Wright house and three blocks the other direction from home, there were houses that were one-third of a block long with swimming pools, tennis courts, servant quarters’ and how many damn bedrooms I couldn’t guess. They didn’t separate the ‘average’ blue collar worker from the Rich in those days; that is, in Wichita, Ks. anyways.

I mention that little housing story to illustrate that I didn’t know there was, if there was, a fundamental difference in cultural attitudes in those days. Of course, those days are now long gone.

So... I'm officially disabled, and somewhat handicapped, from my neighbors Attack Dog attacking me. Breaking my Back (crushing a vertebrae), I wear a heavy duty lumbar support when doing work that doesn’t require frequent bending over–which I don’t do; and a resulting Neuropathy (burning skin) from my waist to my feet–which are mostly numb. Functionally, I'm strong and still do fabrication (see below) as I now only lift bending at the knees.

I can pay up to $275 a month including utilities.I would like someplace rural, that has a Shop/Garage where I could also do work, yet not too far from shopping.

1) I have excellent credit; 834 Fico 6-2019:
and no wheelin-an-dealin-or-stealin (manipulatin)!
2) Most importantly, perhaps, perhaps, I have a Masters Degree in Documentary Photography/Journalism (using the Silver Gelatin, Black and White, darkroom process). Is there some where I could set up a Darkroom? I could and have done the Dry Process (exposing the paper with an enlarger), in my bedroom if it's 10x12', or so. The wet process ( I'll explain about the, non-polluting, chemistry) needs, at least, one 3 x 7' flat surface and another three with room for (3) more 16 x 20" trays–like a toilet and a bathtub, if all else fails.
3) I’m Fabricator too: someone who builds/welds things from steel. More than 30 years of very diversified forms of fabrication from Nascar ‘Sprint Cup’ cars for Holman and Moody (Google it) to Sawmills, to Nuclear facilities. And doing large scale metal sculpture, for example, I/we constructed an antique farm equipment piece for the city of Wichita, Kansas.
4) I'm ADHD and have Aphasia (have difficulty finding words).
5) "Top Fuel" (Supercharged Nitromethane Chrysler) racing engine builder and No, real Racers aren't greasy. Google Teddy Laswell ie. Gall Laswell and Gabelich, as in Gary Gabelich who went on to become famous holding the Worlds Land Speed Record of 625 mph in the Blue Flame car.
6) I'm a Liberal born and raised in Sasnak (ahem… reverse the spelling)
7) I was a machinist making racing pistons for Venolia and Ansen for 3 years; if it involves metal, I can do most anything with it.
8) I can repair most anything; I've wired a commercial building; have repaired my own washer and dryer; took 3 years of Wood Shop in Junior High. I won't do framing, or drywall or shovel snow but I'll give you encouragement while I watch you do it–if you'd like that?
9) I can prove everything I've said. I'm not a bullshitter, or braggart; the Ninth Graders I hung with as a Seventh Grader knocked that out of me–literally.
10) I can provide, relatively unbiased, references too… depending on what you want? There are no questions I won’t try to answer.
11) I’m not a slob; it doesn’t bother me to clean a toilet; and I’m a pretty good cook… can make ‘to die for’ fried chicken with scrumptious gravy and memorable ’fried taters’ for breakfast, or scratch chocolate cake for snackin!!
11) Last: When I was seventeen-years-old, this guy offered to take me to ’Nirvana’ (Lions Drag Strip) in Long Beach, California, from Kansas, in a stolen car. And being impulsive (that ADHD thing) I got in. I wasn’t charged with Theft, but was charged with “Interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle.” Being told it wouldn’t be on my record–if I served probation successfully and considering I was a Minor, however, it turned out not to be true. Sincerely: Theo "Teddy" Laswell

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