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license info: ALLENFT923Q4
Interior and Exterior Painting,
Residential and small Commercial
Spokane and surrounding areas Painter

Hi there!

I Specialize in Residential re-paints; Interior and Exterior! I have been painting professionally since 2003, and I have been in business since 2008. Some of my other services include Staining fences, decks, pergolas, etc. As well as Re-finishing wood work (including wood floors); Unique Custom Hand Texture, Wall Paper removal, Popcorn ceiling removal.

Pressure washing houses, fences, decks, large concrete areas, driveways, etc. Painting Kitchen Cabinets, minor Drywall repair, blending textures. Painting metal rails, Priming and Painting wood Paneling and also can patch/texture paneling by the time I am done you would think it is just drywall! Painting Trim, doors; concrete sealing, paint pools and so much more!

I also have building biology high grade equipment for testing RF Radiation (Radio Frequency Radiation) As well as ways to mitigate exposure. Shielding paint, etc.

Interior & Exterior Transformations done; Precisely & Efficiently the first time. I Offer Competitive Prices (with other high quality contractors) as well as Very High Quality Work and Attention to Detail Every Step Of The Way; I am very detail oriented; that includes the entire process from finding out what my customers needs are, to the bid, and each step throughout the whole process of prep work and painting.

I have painted homes of value from 100k to near 2 million. I treat every project with the same standards; I do the best job I can do with what I am working with and work on it as if it were my own home. However, obviously if an older home has siding issues or many layers of flaky paint, or wood that needs replaced; you can not get it perfect unless you either re-side or spend a lot extra on sanding/stripping off old finishes.

Each project I bid, if needed; I will explain the process and what will be done. I also help with picking out the best paint colors for your home if you would like help. Often I have had many clients just tell me to pick out the colors, or if they picked some out; then sometimes I will suggest a small change in the color so that the colors flow well together and the end project looks better..

Every Estimate is Free. After I give a bid, it is in your hands which route you would like to go. I am not pushy, if it works it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't. If you are just looking for a quick bid to know how much a project would cost. I can bid 90% of projects just from pictures and a few details.. Which is very convenient for both of us, I can bid faster, save a lot of driving time (which saves on overall costs); and you don't have to block out the time out of your day to walk through. I also understand that it is nice to actually meet someone or talk on the phone before you decide to hire them. I know I personally wouldn't hire anyone without meeting them first, unless they were referred by someone I know and trust.. A large portion of my clients are from referrals so they often know someone I have painted for or seen my work in person.

I do my best to accommodate your needs. For projects that are a farther drive from me, most of the time I will prefer to bid from pictures just to get a number on it and if it works for you then I will drive out there and do a walk through and or confirm the bid.

Painting is a Great Way to Protect, Preserve and Enhance Your Investment.

I Strive To Go Above and Beyond For My Clients and Promise To Give You The Great Service and Quality End Product You Deserve. Thank You For Your Trust.

Licensed * Bonded * Insured *
Registration number- CC ALLENFT923Q4


Ryan Allen

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